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In an effort to both reduce wasted paper (see: environmental justice!) and reduce administrative time, registration for TAPT is done ONLINE! This does not mean that it is impossible to sign up without internet access, but doing so requires that registrants call OYYA directly at 219-769-9292 x229. Paper forms will then be mailed.

Unlike other programs, teens (parents) register individually for TAPT, directly through OYYA.

TAPT Registration Questions: Karen Rapacz, krapaczATdcgary.org , 219-769-9292 x282

"I don't wanna come alone! That would be awkward."

Click here before you choose not to register because you don't know who else is coming!


Online registration has ended. Please direct any registration questions to Kevin Driscoll (219-769-9292 x229 email ) or Karen Rapacz (219-769-9292 x282 email)

"I need a permission form!"
We get that a lot. If that's you,  download/print it here!

Coming to TAPT and have questions about what to bring, etc.? CLICK HERE for everything you need to know!

Conflict with sports or extracurricular activities? Download/print this letter to request an excused absence

About the online registration system:

• Retreat fee is $85. Participants have the option of paying online with a credit card, or paying later with a check/cash. Persons paying online with a credit card will pay a $3 fee to cover OYYA credit card collection fee. Participants may bring the retreat fee with them and drop it off at check-in on TAPT Friday night.

• Registration information for TAPT is collected online. Participants can link directly to the event registration page BY CLICKING HERE, or by visiting showmyevent.com (search upcoming events for Diocese of Gary TAPT retreat).

• Participants are responsible for printing and completing the diocesan Activity Release Form (aka "permission form"). It should be returned to OYYA on or before March 20. Options:
TAPT Form – Karen Rapacz; Diocese of Gary OYYA; 9292 Broadway; Merrillville, IN 46410
Scan the form as a PDF/hi-rez JPG and attach it to an email. Email: krapaczATdcgary.org

Teens may not participate in the retreat without it!

• If someone is unable to register online or obtain the permission form below, please have them contact Karen Rapacz at 219-769-9292 x282 or email krapaczATdcgary.org , and we’ll take good care of them!




Required? Form Due to OYYA
YES Diocese of Gary Activity Release Form (Permission Form) Should be mailed on or before March 20:
  TAPT Form – Karen Rapacz
   Diocese of Gary OYYA
   9292 Broadway
   Merrillville, IN 46410
NO Scholarship Application March 15
  Sports/Extracurricular activity request for excused absence letter  


Parish YM leaders: the TAPT XXIX-2017 "Registration & Promotional Information for YM Leaders" was mailed in late Jan. to parish leaders on the mailing list, and posted here as a PDF. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BOOK. (Posters & flyers are available on the TAPT homepage.)



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